The Modern Local provides creative, customized local and online marketing plans for small nonprofits and businesses. We work closely with each client to establish goals, develop effective processes, improve promotional strategies, and connect with local community networks.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your project to the next level,we are dedicated to our clients’ success and would love to hear from you! Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization grow. 


Photo by:  Jessica Rivas

Photo by: Jessica Rivas

Katie Blais - Founder

My work as an independent consultant draws on my professional  background in client services and project management. I’ve always been drawn to small, local businesses since working for a local bakery during high school; after college, I was lucky enough to work for a startup publishing company that created books for 9-13 year old girls. Over the years I also gained experience  working with larger corporations such as TripAdvisor and IMN, which provided newsletter marketing to the auto industry for clients like Volvo, BMW, and Kia.  These diverse experiences taught me that at the core of any company consists of harmonized teams working together through transparent, organized processes with a bit of humor and creativity thrown in for good measure.  From Massachusetts, to Miami, and back again I love working with local businesses and fostering collaboration wherever I call home! 



Rachel Tellez - Editor

Rachel is a full-time student, writer, editor, blogger, and adventurer. Originally from a small town in Central Florida, she came to Miami three years ago to pursue her B.A. in professional writing. As a writer and editor, her passion is to use her work as a creative outlet and to create the most effective content for local small businesses and nonprofits to successfully meet their needs and goals.  Read more of Rachel's work here