Guest Blog Post: Five Ways That Nonprofits Can Expand Their Online Presence

Rachel is back, this time sharing some ways in which non-profits can expand their online presence

As our nation’s economy has slowly shrunk over time, so have the donations for nonprofits and charities. In order to keep up with today’s society and our economy, these organizations need to explore different ways of reaching their mission and financial goals. To survive this economic decline, nonprofits need to take an entrepreneurial approach in promoting their causes that will put them in a stronger position for the long run.


Here are five ways that nonprofits can create and expand their online presence:


  1. Establish a professional and effective website for your cause: By establishing a clean, professional, and effective website for your organization it will surely take you a long way when people are researching which local organizations or charities to become involved with or send their money to. When audiences see that an organization of their interest has an established website, giving as much information about the cause as possible and how their donations will help, they will be more likely to invest in your organization. 
  2. Share testimonials and real-life stories about the impact of your supporters: When someone takes the time out of their daily routines or sends money to help your cause, it is important to show them how they are impacting the cause by sharing testimonials and success/progress stories. This is also an effective tactic in gaining new supporters to show them where and how donations are needed to help the cause. 
  3. Build your email subscriber list: If your supporters are interested in staying up-to-date on all of your organization’s events, campaigns, announcements, etc. then it is important to give them just that with consistent updates straight to their email. It’s also important to make sure that it is easy for them to give your their email address through your website, social media accounts, and even in person.
  4. Be present on social media: In addition to your organization’s website, social media profiles and your presence on supporters’ news feeds help nonprofits promote their events, campaigns, and encouragement for their audiences to share with their families and friends. 
  5. Provide engaging and eye-catching content: When publishing content to your social media profiles, aim for possible-conversation starters that your audience could pass on to their friends. 

What other ways have you found success expanding your organization’s online presence? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Rachel Tellez