Link Round Up

It's Friday and the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day! Enjoy this long weekend ... I hope you eat lots of hot dogs, and have a beer or two for me please.  Below are some interesting reads to get you through the long weekend!  P.S, the photos are from a little getaway we took this week from The Standard Hotel ... we are so lucky to live in a place where THIS is just down the street! 

Some great advice on what no one tells you about starting your own business via Darling Magazine.

Baby L will be here before you know it, lately I have been thinking about how having a child will reshape and refocus my career, I am so happy I decided to take the plunge and go out my own last year for this very reason. Here is a take on how you can use motherhood to reshape your career.

I love exploring the different neighborhoods of Miami, here is a great guide on how to get lost in Little Havana for an afternoon.

So proud and happy to see what Carlos Vazquez, friend and frequent partner of The Modern Local, does with this new program designed to give tech opportunity to the underserved communities of Miami. 

So I might live in Miami, but you will never be able to shake the New Englander out of me.  I am craving some RI system weiners this Memorial Day!! 

Since I will not be able to have beers and booze this weekend, these lemonade upgrades seem just the thing for your Memorial Day get together. 





Katie Blais