5 Questions with - Kery Kay Candle Co

I met Kery where I meet most of my favorite local vendors—the Upper Eastside Farmers Market. Her display was adorable and I can never resist a good candle, so I checked it out.  Kery makes the best candles with the most unique scents, and is super friendly!  Every weekend you can find her at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood. But if you aren’t in the area, all of her candles are available online as well! Kery was kind enough to share some insight into starting her business: KeryKay Candles.

When did you make the big decision to start your own business? What inspired you? What scared you?

I made the big decision to start my own business in August of 2014. My friends were my inspiration;they loved my candles and encouraged me to sell them. I wanted to share the feelings of tranquility and happiness that candles give me with others, and so it began.

What scared me the most was public speaking. I had a fear of talking in front of other people altogether. Talking to dogs and babies is a cakewalk—but not adults All the credit goes to my therapist, Crystal, because she helped me overcome that fear.

What has surprised you most about this process?

The most surprising thing about this process is how genuinely helpful and selfless other business owners are. I have met some amazing people these past years.

What do you wish you’d known before starting your business?

Before starting my business, I wish I'd known that it's okay to ask others for help and that a little patience goes a long way.

Any advice for future small business entrepreneurs?

My advice to future business owners is to do as much research as possible, and don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. And, it's okay to slow down and move at your own pace.

Where do you go in Miami when you’re looking for inspiration?

When I'm looking for inspiration I stroll around the Wynwood Art District. The creativity flows so easily when I'm down there.

Katie Blais