Birds of a Feather

I am excited to feature the brother and sister duo Oskar and Erika on the Modern Local today! Although they aren’t even of driving age, they have already made a huge impact on helping to protect local wildlife in Miami with their support of Pelican Harbor Seabird Station (PHSS). Last year he designed a reusable tote and organized a drive to raise money for PHSS, and this year they started selling pelican socks.  Oskar was even awarded the Pelican Pal Award for his contributions to the Miami non-profit. These are two pretty cool and socially conscious kids! Below, they tell us how they found out about Pelican Harbor and some cool spots around South Florida to get up close and personal with birds!

“We discovered Pelican Harbor Seabird Station three years ago, at the Fairchild Gardens Bird Festival. We fell in love with the little screech owl they had as an ambassador and we took all the money our parents had in their wallets and donated it to him,” Oskar said

Although Oskar says he loves them all, his favorite bird is the kingfisher and Erika’s favorite is the fischer’s turaco. These two shared with us a list of five great spots to enjoy nature and bird sightings!  

1. Anhinga Trail

2. Shark Valley

3. Pelican Harbor Sunset Cruise

4. Tree Tops Park

5. Our backyard bird feeders—it’s amazing how many beautiful birds will come if you set up feeders.
Growing up in South Florida, it’s hard not to fall in love with the local wildlife and natural beauty of Miami. Oskar and Erika have big plans for their future and hope to someday begin their dream jobs as an ornithologist and marine biologist.

Oskar and Erika getting their pelican socks ready to sell!

Oskar and Erika getting their pelican socks ready to sell!

Katie Blais