5 Questions With - Park Butter

This past weekend, I made a discovery that my waistline will hate me for! Park Butter, run by husband and wife team Makeba and Pedro, creates artisan homemade butter, using milk from cows in Central Florida. In addition to the regular salted & unsalted, they offer a variety of flavored butters with both savory and sweet tastes. They even have a vegan butter, too! Read below to find out more and make sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their website. They ship nationally!  


1. When did you make the big decision to start your own business? What inspired you? What scared you?

Cooking is my passion. After having my first child, I got really deep into creating a variety of meals from scratch. Eventually, that got really exhausting and consumed a lot of time. That’s when I started developing recipes for flavored grass-fed butter that I could store and use in different ways to give me tasty meals in half the time. My husband didn’t know I was already making meals with the butter—he thought I was still spending a quarter of my day in the kitchen. One weekend, I let him taste four flavors and he fell in love my Chipotle butter. So much so, that he ate the entire batch! That’s when I knew I had something special. Shortly after, Park Butter was born.

 I was really inspired by necessity. I knew I wanted to make great food for my family, but it got to the point where juggling mom duties and running a household took up a huge chunk of time. I couldn’t find anything out there like it locally, so I was inspired to move forward with the idea.

 The scariest part, as a creator, is always having someone experience your work and be unsure of how it will be accepted. Each butter I create is out of love. So, submitting to the vulnerability of having people taste my product has definitely been the scariest part! But, I’m happy to say that our butters have received high reviews from the local Miami community!

2 What has surprised you most about this process?

I think every entrepreneur gets the itch to start getting to work immediately. For the food industry, there are lots of regulations and certifications that need to be in place before you can start selling your product. That process took much longer than I anticipated, but once I got everything approved, I literally hit the ground running.

3 What do you wish you’d known before starting your business? Any advice for future small business entrepreneurs?

There is a small community of food producers who are the most genuine, kind, and gracious group of folks around. I wish I connected with them a lot sooner to ask questions and get advice. I urge future small business entrepreneurs not to be afraid of reaching out to others in your same space of interest. Ask questions, attend industry-related events, and make connections—there are people willing to help!

4. Where do you go in Miami when you’re looking for inspiration?

I’m fortunate to live in a city that truly has the best of both worlds with a bustling urban area and serene beaches. If I’m not at the beach or walking Brickell, I spend a lot of time visiting local cafés and eateries. I love going to Little River, Wynwood, Coconut Grove/Coral Gables, and Kendall. I usually scope out what’s on the menu because I learn so much about the community they’re serving. The diversity of food that we have in South Florida is truly inspiring.

5. What local group or business do you look up to?

 I look up to groups and businesses that truly seek to support and bring awareness to other local businesses, like The Modern Local Miami. I applaud and admire all business owners because I know it takes tons of perseverance and grit. Miami is among the highest ranked for small business activity and it’s imperative that we continue to support businesses from diverse industries.