5 Questions with - Eva and Roland of Vice City Bean


DSC_6415Eva and Roland Baker are recent arrivals to Miami via California. The Bakers came with a mission to bring cold brew coffee to the Magic City. If you have been to any events at the Arts and Entertainment District then you have seen their Vice Bean coffee bike, complete with fresh brew coffee on tap. Not only is their coffee amazing (Eva and Roland go on sourcing trips across Central and South America to find unique sustainable beans), but the couple is friendly and dedicated to shaping Miami's local business ecosystem.  Aside from attending events at the Arts and Entertainment District, the Bakers also are regular fixtures at The Upper Eastside Farmer's Market as well as co-working spots such as Made at the Citadel.    Pretty soon, Vice City Bean will have a permanent home at 1657 N Miami Ave.  The Bakers gave The Modern Local a sneak peak at the space , opening late fall 2015.  We cannot wait to spend an afternoon sipping on coffee (and kombucha!) while snacking on pastry in the sunny spot.   Eva and Roland were also kind enough to answer our 5 questions ... read below for some great insight.  

What is the best part about being your own boss?

There’s the freedom to create and execute a vision as you see it -  yoDSC_6409u answer to yourself, your staff and your customers.  That’s pretty exciting when it’s done successfully.

What has been your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?

Building the initial support team can be a bit of a challenge.  Picking an architect, a contractor, finding a good insurance agent, a bookkeeper, along with locating the various suppliers for the day-to-day operations requires a bit of patience and persistence.  We moved to Miami a year ago, so we didn’t have many professional relationships or contacts.  With so many new businesses opening up in the Wynwood, A&E,  and Edgewater area, we made it a point to get to know some of the owners since they are tackling similar issues.  It has provided a great network for sharing information. 

Can't you just imagine cozy couches in this spot?

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to go out on their own?

Be realistic about your abilities and be focused on a vision.  The idea is the easy part, but having all your business ducks in a row is very important.  You can make the greatest anything, but you need the consumer to agree with you and you need to run your business so it is profitable.   Starting a business can be overwhelming when you look at all theDSC_6410 components that you are responsible for, but if you focus on smaller sections at a time, it will help you maintain your sanity.

What is your favorite spot in Miami?

Since we’ve only lived in Miami for a short time, we are still discovering new places and loving everything that’s going on.  There are events happening day and night, you can’t be bored living in Miami.

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