Upper Eastside Farmer's Market


image2When I first moved to Miami and I was missing Boston and feeling unsure about this new city I stumbled upon a Farmer's Market that started to change my thoughts on my new home.  The Upper Eastside Farmer's Market which is sponsored by Urban Oasis Project is a year round market that is constantly growing and evolving. You can buy everything from tropical fruit to a vintage dress and even get a massage while you are there too.  and PS at 10 AM every Saturday there is a FREE yoga glass.  There is an amazing sense of community between all of the vendors and patrons, something that can feel lacking at times in the Miami area.  If you haven't stopped by yet, do so soon! It is only going to get bigger as the growing season begins in South Florida.  You will not be disappointed.

Vendors can change seasonally ... below are some images from the past few weeks. 



IMG_9096 IMG_9087 IMG_9085IMG_9083 IMG_9093